Waste-Away - Natural Aquarium Cleaner - Dr Tims

Dr Tims - Waste-Away - Natural Aquarium Cleaner

Dr.Tim's Waste-Away is a 100% natural bacterial additive that helps dissolve sludge and hidden wastes.

Even with regular water changes, sludge and waste can build up in sand beds, rocks, filter pads, and many other places throughout aquariums that are hard to see and reach.

Dr.Tim's Waste-Away employs natural bacteria that will dissolve the waste making available to be removed through water changes. When it is used regularly, it can help prevent the build-up of dirt and sludge, and also reduce nitrates and phosphates. 


  • 100% Reef Safe
  • Natural Bacteria
  • Increases tanks ORP and the production of your protein skimmer
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Helps unclog and clean sand and gravel beds
  • Helps reduce slime algae and cyanobacteria