Radion XR30 G5 Pro/Blue + RMS (x3 Combo) - EcoTech Marine

Dhs. 12,142.00 Dhs. 11,500.00

EcoTech Marine - Radion XR30 G5 Pro / Blue LED 

  • Perfect for aquariums 24-30 inches wide and deep.
  • Comprehensive spectrum and performance

Single Fixture Radion Tank Mount - Arm Kit

Hanging your EcoTech Marine Radion from the ceiling may not always be practical or possible. For this reason, EcoTech thoughtfully created the Radion Mounting System (RMS) for a simple and secure mounting system for the XR30 lighting fixture. Easily mount your Radion XR30 directly to your standard or rimless tank with the EcoTech Marine XR30 RMS.