Eclipse S Overflow Box - Eshopps

Dhs. 380.00

Eshopps - Eclipse S Overflow Box

The Eshopps Eclipse S Overflow Box is beautiful and elegant boxes that have reliable performance and increased noise reduction.

The Eclipse aquarium overflow system consists of a slim black box that is mounted inside of your tank and a clear external box that mounts outside of your tank, to transport water down to your sump with as little noise generated as possible. 


  • Quiet
  • Slim
  • Plug & Play
  • Template & Holesaw included
  • Red PVC Pipe included


Dimensions 6x3x6"
Black Box 6x1.25x6"
Tank Usage up to 75g
Installation Tip - When installing the bulkhead gaskets we highly suggest placing one between the inner overflow box and the aquarium. The other gasket should be placed between the external box and the bulkhead nut.