Espree Luxury Tar & Sulfa Shampoo Dog

Espree Luxury Tar & Sulfa Shampoo Dog 20 oz



  • Brand : Espree
  • Size : 20 Oz
  • Luxury Tar & Sulfa Shampoo
  • Shampoo for Dog

Ingredients : Organic Aloe Vera (hydrator), Coconut Based Cleansers (plant derived), Pathenol (conditioner), Jojoba (moisturizer), Vitamins A, D, E, Coal Tar Solution, Naturally Derived Sulfu.

Espree’s Luxury Tar & Sulfa relief Shampoo contains Coal Tar and Bio sulfur to effectively clean and sooth minor skin irritations. Natural, organic aloe Vera and essential vitamins promote skin repair and nourish the coat. Impedes fungal growth.

Directions:  Use full strength. Massage into coat of dog, leave in 3 minutes for best results and rinse thoroughly.