External Classic Skimmer DNW-200-6540B - Reef Octopus

Dhs. 1,333.33

Reef Octopus External Classic Skimmer DNW-200-6540B

The Reef Octopus External Classic Skimmer DNW-200-6540B is an out-of-sump protein skimmer that features high-quality cast acrylic body construction, easy disassembly for maintenance, and is run by our very own “air shredding” Aquatrance pump. A feed pump is required as water is drawn directly from the sump.

It features a hybrid conical body with a vented valve output and a precision control gate valve.


  • Superior out-of-sump performance
  • Aquatrance pumps specifically made for protein skimmers
  • Easy maintenance
  • Output designed for bubble-free outflow
  • High quality hand-made acrylic construction
  • External use Recirculating Skimmer
  • Half Cone design with bubble diffuser
  • New Gate Valve


  • Power: OTP-3000S 40 Watt
  • Foot Print: 400 x 320mm
  • Reactor Chamber: φ200mm
  • Height: 705mm
  • Fit for Tank: 800-1200 L / 208-312 Gal