Coral Balance - Coral Food and Treatment Regulation - Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin - Coral Balance - Coral Food and Treatment Regulation

The Fauna Marin Coral Balance is a modern nutrient control system that enhances metabolic turnover rates and formulated to reactivate and stabilize nutrient cycles and alkalinity control in modern reef aquaria.


  • Massively increases coral growth rates
  • Rapidly enhances coloration
  • A visible increase in polyp extension and coloration
  • Reduces PO4 concentration permanently
  • Stabilizes acid-base regulation in reef aquaria
  • Increases natural resilience of corals
  • Effective coral feed that does not lead to nutrient enrichments
  • Helps to keep the water crystal-clear
  • Reduces unwanted trace elements and detoxifies the aquarium water
  • Removes unwanted biofilms and reduces yellowness
  • Increases skimmer efficiency and reduces nutrient depots in the tank

Phosphate reduction, which is usually hard to control, will be increased and stabilized, leading to permanently low phosphate levels.

Fauna Marin Coral Balance is a coral feed, nutrient, and water conditioner in one product. Due to its special formula, it works rapidly and efficiently, speeds up nutrient reduction by increased coral growth and biological element cycling.

    Dosing recommendation

    • Standard dosing
    • 1 measuring spoon per 100 L every 4 days
    • Please mix Coral Balance with some aquarium water and add the suspension into an area with high flow to facilitate rapid distribution.
    • For tanks older than 2 years or with PO4 levels higher than 0.15 ppm we recommend a reduction by 50%.
    • When using Coral Balance in combination with Reef Vitality, please reduce dosing of both products by half.


    Marine organic polymers, mineral carriers, inorganic auxiliary substances, trace elements