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Coral Sprint & Min S


Fauna Marin Coral Sprint is a premium grade marine bacterioplankton substitute for feeding corals in ULNS systems

Coral Sprint is a premium grade marine Bacterioplankton substitute for feeding corals in ULNS systems.
Coral Sprint contains special proteins to support fluorescent coloration for LPS, Soft and SPS Corals

  • 1 dosing spoon per 500 L (132 US gal), dose every 2 days
  • Mix Coral Sprint powder in a cup of tank water, shake well for at least 20 seconds
  • Then pour directly into the aquarium.
  • Do not target feed the corals.
  • Start with 25% of recommend dosing.

Molluscs and crustaceans.

  • Crudeprotein 85%,
  • Crudefat 11%,
  • Crudefibre 3%,
  • Crudeash 1%.


MIN S is a unique combination of natural feed particles, marine biopolymers and organic nutrients

MIN S is a liquid food that helps achieve healthy growth, rich colors and extraordinary tissue fluorescence.

With a unique combination of natural feed particles, marine biopolymers and organic nutrients, MIN S supplies your coral with exactly that. The addition of MIN S ensures that your coral constantly receives the same nutritious content found in nature.

  • Natural feed concentrate made from high quality raw materials
  • Perfect balance of food particles and solids, combined with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements
  • Perfect for nutrient-poor reef systems
  • Suitable for all corals
  • Very effective due to high concentration
  • Extreme polyp extension and growth


Available Bundle Size:

  • Min S 100ml & Coral Sprint 70g
  • Min S 250ml & Coral Sprint 175g
  • Min S 500ml & Coral Sprint 350g
  • Min S 1000ml & Coral Sprint 350g