Fauna Marin - Multi Reference

With the Fauna Marin multi-reference solution, it is possible to test your water tests under real conditions. The solution is not made from fresh water, but the ion spectrum was adjusted according to the test media, the salts and elements are similar in proportion and concentration to sea water.

The 100 ml solution is stable and combines all these values ​​in one solution (Attention! Depending on the batch, the values ​​vary - the exact values ​​are on the respective multi reference!):

Calcium 422 mg / l
Magnesium 1315 mg / l
Potassium / pottasium 409 mg / l
Salinity 35 psu / 53.0 mS (25 ° C)
dKH 6.6 / 2.35 meq / l
Strontium 8 mg / l
Nitrate 10 mg / l
PO4 0.2 mg / l

A review of your own hobby water tests is useful if:

  • a test was newly purchased.

  • unexpected readings occur.

  • Tests were stored for a long time after opening.

  • the shelf life is coming to an end.

The measurement with the sterile reference solution is carried out normally. The measured value is compared with the reference solution and compared. This ratio is the correction value for the normal measurements with the aquarium water.

The measurement of the reference solution with a magnesium test gives: 1000 mg / l
However, the reference solution contains: 1314 mg / l
The ratio is: 1314 mg / l: 1000 mg / l = 1.314
This correction factor is noted on the magnesium test.
A later measurement with this magnesium test results in pool water: 1300 mg / l
Calculation: 1300 mg / l * 1.314 = 1708.2 mg / l