Feeding Prong For Fish - Ocean Nutrition

Dhs. 19.05

Ocean Nutrition - Feeding Prong For Fish

The Feeding Prong keeps your fingers safe and makes feeding your fish much easier and ideal to use to wean predatory fish off live food and on to dead/prepared food.

Ocean Nutrition Feeding Prong is an excellent tool for close-up feeding of Lionfish, Stonefish, Groupers, Oscars, and other predators. Simply skewer Lance Fish or Krill Superba with this "invisible" acrylic prong and use a "wiggle-action" to trigger the feeding response.

  • This is an ideal tool to wean fish off live food.
  • Best used for feeding carnivorous fish by attaching Lance Fish, Krill Superba, chunks of squid etc. for feeding of predators.

To use simply attach the food to the prongs and use the 'wiggle action' to encourage the fish to feed.