Flipper Flip-Kick Phone Filter Aquarium Reef Lens with Orange and Yellow Lenses

Take your best coral reef tank photos yet! FL!PPER Aquarium Products' "Flip-Kick" Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Photography Filter Kit and Kick-Stand! SHOW OFF YOUR TANK with FL!PPER! 

* All-In-One Smartphone Camera Lens Filter Kit and Kickstand
* Professional Grade Coral Lens Camera Filters
* Excellent for Aquarium Photography On The Go!
* Universally Compatible with All Newest Multi-Lens Phone Cameras and Tablets (IOS and Android) -- Lenses work in Standard and Macro mode for All Multi-Lens camera phones
* Easily flips from Camera Filter to Kickstand
* Mounts to Multiple Devices
* Sleek Compact Zippered 'FL!PPER' Protective Carrying Case with Clip

The Flip Kick will work with all multi lens cameras, although the filter lens does not physically cover all the lenses at the same time.