Fritz - Aquatics Mardel Protoshield - Reef Safe For Fresh and Saltwater

Dhs. 99.00

Fritz - Mardel Protoshield is a revolutionary bioadhesive supplement that repairs and strengthens a fishes natural slime coat which strengthens the fishes defense against protozoan infections such as velvet.

  • Herbal remedy for protozoan infections
  • For fresh and saltwater
  • Effective & reef safe

New natural oils and filming technology for the relief of unwelcome parasites. The natural oils are combined with a polymer that acts as a slime coat and carries the oils to the body of the fish.

A protein solubilizer helps promote the penetration of the oils into the cell structure of the fishe's skin. The crowning additive is the biospheres technology. This causes the treatment package to be covered with a shield to maintain contact.