Frozen Mysis + Calanus - Fish Food - Piscine Energetics

Piscine Energetics - Frozen Mysis + Calanus - Fish Food (4oz)

Piscine Energetics is passionately committed to providing the highest-quality aquarium and aquaculture food.

Include two clean, highly nutritious options – PE Mysis and PE Calanus.

PE Frozen Mysis encourages exceptional appetite growth - even in finicky aquarium fish.

  • Frozen freshwater mysis shrimp for fresh and saltwater aquarium fish
  • Mysis diluviana are an excellent food extremely high in nutritional value
  • Induces an energetic feeding response in even finicky aquarium fish

PE Frozen Mysis Ingredient: 100% Mysis diluviana

PE Frozen Calanus is a popular frozen fish food choice for freshwater and saltwater fish owners and curators as well as for their corals and other filter-feeding creatures. 

  • Frozen zooplankton sustainably harvested from pristine Arctic waters
  • Great nutrition for all aquarium fish as well as corals and filter feeders
  • Contains high levels of astaxanthin to support vivid natural coloration

PE Frozen Calanus Ingredient: PE Calanus (Calanus finmarchicus)