Micro Wafers - Tropical Fish Food - Hikari

Dhs. 20.00

Hikari - Micro Wafers - Tropical Fish Food

The Hikari Micro Wafers is the smallest wafers and a daily diet suitable for all types of small and medium-sized tropical fish to make a superior color.


  • A community tank diet that allows feeding at all levels of the aquarium due to its unique floating then sinking characteristics.
  • High-grade marine and vegetable proteins promote ready acceptance, improved assimilation and superior nutrient utilization.
  • Rich in Spirulina and Astaxanthin, promoting excellent colouring
  • A miniature (micro) wafer developed specifically for most tropical fish to easily devour.
  • Helps flake users to more readily monitor and adjust quantity fed to avoid over-feeding and water quality issues.

Size: 45g