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Almo Nature - Holistic Digestive Help - Poultry

The Almo Nature Holistic Digestive Help - Poultry wet recipes allow natural hydration and are ideal for cats with intestinal sensitivity; enriched with vitamins and minerals, they are a tasty complete food for adult cats.

Almo Nature Holistic Digestive Help - Poultry is the wet food line for cats that is formulated with prebiotics and minerals which promote good intestinal operation. Furthermore, the addition of sepiolite contributes to the formation of a protective lining for the intestinal walls.

Product Features:

  • Complete wet food for adult cats
  • Easy to digest: suitable for cats with a sensitive digestive tract
  • With prebiotics and vegetable fibres: to help regulate your cat's gut flora and promote healthy digestion
  • With sepiolite: can form a protective film over the intestinal walls
  • With taurine: can strengthen your cat's heart and eyesight
  • Vitamin and mineral complex: balanced and complete nutrient profile to support your cat's general wellbeing
  • 100% natural: free from chemical additives, preservatives and colourings
  • In handy pouches: easy to serve and keep the food fresh

Ingredients: Meat and animal by-products (poultry min. 4%), cereals, vegetable by-products (inulin 0.1%), vegetable protein extracts, minerals.

Size: 70g