HydroClear - Aquarium Chemical Filter Media - Two Little Fishies

Dhs. 60.00

Two Little Fishes - HydroClear - Aquarium Chemical Filter Media

The HydroClear is used to restore the natural crystal clarity of aquarium water and reduce dissolved organic filter. 

It helps to create clear and colorless water which is beneficial for the health of the aquarium corals, fish and invertebrates, and helps to promote a lower nutrient environment for the general well-being of the entire aquarium. 

  • Both new chemical media are convenient for a lot of activated carbon and GFO in your aquarium water maintenance routine.
  • Prefer to change chemical media closer to every four to six weeks.
  • Comes with a reusable bag.

HydroClear is simple to install in hang-on-the-back power filters, canister filters, or in flow-through sections of sump filters.

Size: 200g