Water changing kit for aquariums to connect to the water tap.

Key Features:
 To siphon metabolic products, food and plant remains (sludge) from the aquarium bottom: gravel cleaner with automatic suction device at a water level of 45-70cm.
 Easy installation: connect the hose to the gravel cleaner, attach the hose with stopcock to the bucket, insert the cleaner - activate with shaking movements. Push the gravel cleaner into the ground, water suction siphons the debris.
 Automatic suction device: creates suction from the water jet from the tap (even if washbasin is is higher than aquarium), cleans difficult to reach places using gravel cleaner: round cross section with "corner".
 Safe to use: End operation by simply closing the stop cock of the hose, protective sieve to prevent fish getting sucked in.