Jebao - Wifi Doser

Jebao - WiFi Doser 2.4

Jebao WiFi Doser 2.4 is a 4 channel dosing pump, an automatic liquid dispenser that is specially designed for aquarium needs. Its capabilities have been expanded compared to earlier versions, and the control is done manually or via WiFi using a convenient application (IOS / Android).

The dispensing of the food or additive can be achieved either manually or automatically in which all the pumps can be calibrated individually. The interval control allows the adjustment of the duration of the on/off cycle for each pump over a broad timespan – from seconds to days.


  • Easy Programming on your smartphone
  • Smartphone settings can save time for newbies to setting and more accuracy to prevent input wrong on the traditional LCD dosing pump
  • Ideal for dosing CA / MAG / KH or RO
  • Regular dispensing of trace elements and fertilizers in salt- and freshwater aquariums
  • Controlled addition of calcium and bicarbonate into coral reef aquaria
  • Accurate dosing of Kalkwasser
  • Automatic feeding with live zooplankton
  • Max Program 24 times a day


  • Dimensions  (l x w x h): 22.5 x 16 x 6cm
  • number of pumps: 4
  • dose accuracy up to 1ml
  • programming accuracy up to 1 minute
  • Maximum power consumption 6W

Jebao - WiFi Doser 3.4

The Jecod WiFi dosing pump 3.4 is the newest dosing pump of the brand Jecod / Jebao. This new dosing pump is equipped with WiFi, has no display and buttons on the housing, making it much more compact, and can be operated from a smartphone or tablet.

The Jecod dosing computers are ideal for the daily dosing of additives. For example when using the Balling method, DSR, etc. for seawater aquariums and for the Estimative Index, Redfield Ratio, etc. for freshwater aquariums.

Advantages of the Jecod WiFi dosing pump 3.4

  • Easy programming on your smartphone
  • The setting of the smartphone can save time for beginners and more accuracy to prevent input errors on the traditional LCD dosing pump
  • Ideal for dosing CA / MG / KH or RO
  • Max Program 24 times a day per pump

✅ Model: Doser3.4
✅ Power: 7.5W
✅ Voltage: 12V
✅ Hmax: 1.5M
✅ Qmax: 50ml/min
✅ Channel: 4 Channels
✅ Max Temp: 35℃

✅ WiFi control function.
✅ Automatic dosing in high precision.
✅ Safety low voltage.
✅ Automatic/manual to control the dosing liquid.


Jebao - WiFi Doser MD- 4.4

The Jebao Doser MD 4.4 is a newly innovated WIFI smart, and affordable dosing pump with 4 dosing heads. Each pump can be programmed to come on up to 24 times a day and dispense a precise amount of solution, which allows a user to keep their tank parameters stable, and removes the need for mixing supplements daily.
  • Quick programming with the app
  • Easy calibration
  • With dosing pump holder
  • Compact size
  • Manual dosing with buttons

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