Jebao - SOW-M Wavemakers

Jebao SOW Pump (Sine Wave) Flow Ocean Reef Aquarium Coral Aquarium

The new Jebao SOW is available in three models (SOW-5, SOW-9 and SOW-16). Similar to the previous OW series, the most important update to Jebao SOW is the continuous improvement of the engine, which has been significantly improved to withstand damage and is much quieter than previous models.

The wave generator also helps eliminate dead spots in the aquarium. This is very important for corals in aquariums because the debris they produce during breathing must be carried away from the tissue and brought to the filtration system. Lack of water circulation can cause corals to suffocate and die, while unidirectional currents can irritate corals and thus seal them. Wavemakers help eliminate these problems and improve the health and growth of water tankers.

Jebao wave pump for aquarium with WIFI function, freshwater general silent pump for surfing SOW-5/9/16 SOW-5M / 9M / 16M


  • Voltage: DC24V
  • Power: 12 W
  • Flow: 5000l / h Size: φ52 * 70 mm Outlet
  • Diameter: 3636 mm
  • Recommended aquarium size: <= 600 mm Glass Thickness: <= 8mm


  • Voltage: DC24V Power:
  • 23 W Flow: 9000l / h Size: 66 66 * 82 mm Outlet
  • Diameter: 4646 mm
  • Recommended aquarium size: 600-1000 mm
  • Glass Thickness: <= 12 mm


  • Voltage: DC24V
  • Power: 35 W Flow: 16000l / h Size: φ80 * 97 mm Outlet
  • Diameter: 5959mm
  • Recommended aquarium size: 1000-1500 mm
  • Glass Thickness: <= 15mm