UV Clarifier PU-55 - Jecod

Jecod - UV Clarifier PU-55

The Jecod UV Clarifier PU-55 provides permanent control of algae. It removes heavy algae blooms usually within 5 days and keeps the pond algae free. This UV Sterilizer clears water while reducing pond maintenance. It is compacting, durable, easy to install and energy-efficient and delivers full power from the ultraviolet bulb.


  • Powerful UV clarifier keeps pond or aquarium water clean and "green free"
  • Maintain clear, clean water for lasting enjoyment of your water garden
  • Delivers full power from one bulb for one year
  • Flexible and rotatable inlet/outlet connectors
  • Tackle heavy pond algae blooms with safe, cleansing ultraviolet light
  • makes it simple to achieve clean, clear pond water all season long
  • High-performance UV bulb ensures professional power while ease of installation and maintenance make it the right unit for new or existing ponds or water gardens
  • UV light effectively destroys unsightly green pond water algae
  • Enjoy crystal clear pond water with minimal effort and maintenance
  • 20 ft. cold weather-resistant transformer


  • 24.5 inch length
  • 22 ft power cord
  • 110v 60Hz
  • 3-prong Grounded plug
  • 55w UV lamp included
  • Inlet/outlet size (hose adapters): 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" & 1-1/2"
  • Max water flow 4400gph
  • Recommend for 3000-8000 gallon pond