LED Lighting System MJ-L165 - Maxspect

Dhs. 1,000.00

Maxspect - LED Lighting System MJ-L165

One System, Multiple Spectrums

The Maxspect LED MJ-L165 is a new lighting fixture that aims to deliver a great and affordable reef aquarium light. 

Full-Spectrum with Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology


  • MJ-L165 LED lighting system can be easily configured to different color spectrums without sacrificing performance
  • Maxspect MJ-L165 LED operates at between 95-100%(between 62-65w) of maximum efficiency between color profiles.
  • MJ-L165 LED operating at different color profiles
  • The all-new Syna-G Cloud Platform allows you to remote control the LED system around the world
  • Moonlight with Automated Lunar Cycle
  • Profile Library allows easy access and sharing of setting profiles
  • Acclimation Schedule for your corals to adapt to the new light

The mounting arm of the MJ-L165 is a unique approach to versatility, offering a wide range of light positions over the aquarium.

Model MJ-L165
Rate Power 65w
Suit for Tank 30 - 60cm/12" - 24"
(LED Module)
(Stand not included)