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Vitalis - LPS Coral Pellets - Coral Food

Vitalis LPS Pellets are developed to suit the direct feeding mechanisms of large polyp stony corals, which often live in deeper water and rely less on sunlight to meet their nutritional needs.

The LPS Coral Pellets makes them ideal for those corals which trap suspended particulate matter, found naturally on coral reefs.

Features And Benefits:

  • Specially formulated to stimulate a natural feeding response
  • Unique soft, sinking pellet formulation
  • Less waste – improved water quality
  • Natural, sustainably sourced ingredients

Recommended For:

  • Goniopora
  • Fungia
  • Favia
  • Plerogyra
  • Euphyllia
  • Catalaphyllia
  • Lobophyllia
  • Galaxia