MiniReef 180 Marine Set Aquarium + Cabinet (45D x 90W x 45H + 76H cm)- Aqua One

Dhs. 5,918.00

Aqua One - MiniReef 180 Aquarium + Cabinet

Aqua One MiniReef 180 Aquarium + Cabinet is a sleek, stylish design and a complete hassle-free setup, fused with the brand's state-of-the-art tank equipment.

The aquarium comes with a superb glass sump filtration system, housing the Moray circulation pump, a G216 protein skimmer for unbeatable water clarity, and heater.

Hight output, powerful MariGlo LED lighting, suitable of SPS and LPS

  •  Pre-built and sealed melamine cabinets
  • Opti white braceless tank with covers
  • Glass sump with space for all industry-standard sump skimmers
  • Equipped with MariGlo LED Light unit
  • Supplied as a complete set with pre-assembled cabinet 200w Heater Moray 2300 Powerhead ProSkim G216 skimmer and filter sock
  • Powerful and effective MariGlo lighting unit
  • Sump filtration system
  • Pre-assembled and  generous storage space inside cabinet
  • Complete with Aqua One Pre Filter Sock and Bracket


  • Volume: 180 Litres
  • Tank dimensions: D 45cm x W 90cm x H 45cm
  • Cabinet dimensions: D 45cm x W 90cm x H 76cm
  • Heater: 200W Heater
  • Filtration - Glass sump filtration system with G216 protein skimmer
  • Lighting - MariGlo LED Light
  • Glass - 6mm