MPS2 - Kloris Bird Cage. L100xW55.5xH70.5 - Each

Dhs. 353.00

Colorful and comfortable habitats for all the needs of our friends, in a range of always innovative products that is growing over the years to be able to meet the ever-changing needs of a niche market. Bird cages proposed with blue bases and silver nets. Complete with coordinating feeders. 

Dimension : L100xW55.5xH70.5

Ideal for small parakeets and softbills like finches and canaries.
Length: 100cm
Width: 55.5cm
Hight: 70.5cm
Suitable for many types of small birds, like budgies and lovebirds. Ideally birds need to have access to bigger enclosure for exercise, but this is a good size for bonding, keeping overnight and when not exercising the bird.

Silver metal part with Blue plastic bottom.