Nano Marine 2 Aquarium (275 x 275 x 320 mm ) - Ocean Free

Ocean Free - Nano Marine 2 Aquarium

The Nano Marine 2 Aquarium is the 24L fully glass panoramic Nano Space, Nano Fish Tank comes complete Dual Colour Mode L.E.D Lighting (20 LED's Daylight & Moonlight mode) and rear-tank Filtration, hidden away from view allowing the tank to be landscaped beautifully without being spoiled by unsightly Filter Pumps.

Included with the Rear Tank Filtration System is a 300 litre per hour Aquarium Pump which provides high-rate water turnover, and removable filter cartridges for easy maintenance. 

Features LED Over-tank Lighting System 20 LED's Dual model daylight & moonlight Back Tank Filtration Space for Small Nano Heater Filter media & Filter Foams.

Suitable for freshwater or marine setup


  • Tank Volume: 24 Litres 
  • LED Bulbs: 20 LED 
  • Light Power: 4.8w 
  • 300 Litres per Hour Filter Pump 
  • Tank Dimensions: 275 x 275 x 320 mm