Nano Marine 4 Black Aquarium (44L x 36W x 40H cm)- Ocean Free

Dhs. 1,100.00

Ocean Free - Nano Marine 4 Black Aquarium

The Nano Marine 4 Black Aquarium is a fully Glass Panoramic Nano Fish Tank comes complete with Super Bright Dual Mode L.E.D Lighting (daylight & moonlight mode) and rear-tank Filtration complete with its own Nanoskim Protein Skimmer, all hidden away from view allowing the tank to be landscaped beautifully without being spoiled by unsightly Filter Pumps.

Included with these Nano aquariums is a smart Rear Tank Filtration System with removable filter cartridges for easy maintenance. 


  • Specially for a Marine setup.
  • Smart back filter system that features a specially designed surface skimmer that removes organic surface film to improve light penetration and oxygen exchange.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Removable filter medium cartridges in back filter for easy maintenance.
  • Removable Nano protein skimmer for superior water quality.
  • Durable glass with increased scratch resistance.
  • Extendable LED Lamp (Marine) for a stunning ripple effect.
  • Dual light modes that recreate the daytime and moonlight conditions of nature.
  • Featuring new OF ‘x’ LED that provides superior full-color spectrum rendering.


  • Dimension (L x W x H) - 44 x 36 x 40cm
  • Volume - 63 Litres
  • Light Total Watt • Actinic Blue / 12K / ‘X’ LED / 14K - 26.16W • 0.24W x 9pcs / 1.5W x 4pcs / 1.5W x 4pcs / 3W x 4pcs
  • Pump Flow Rate - 520 L/H
  • Total Power Consumption - 37.64 W


  • Protein Skimmer / Air Pump / Check Valve
  • Extendable LED Lamp
  • Smart Back Filter
  • Glass cover and holder
  • Removable Filter Cartridge for east maintenance
  • Elegant raised base
  • Ripple Effect