Neon Blue Goby - (Elactinus oceanops)

The Neon Blue Goby, or Neon Goby, is known for its gorgeous electric blue stripes. The head and sleek body of the Neon Blue Goby are dark blue with a striking horizontal, light-blue stripe on each side of the body. These signature stripes begin above the eyes and run the entire length of the body. The Neon Blue Goby is a very hardy fish and because of its small size, it makes a great addition to smaller nano reef aquariums.

The Neon Blue Goby should be housed in a 10 gallon or larger aquarium. Rarely will it become aggressive towards other fish. However, the Neon Blue Goby is territorial and will demonstrate aggression towards its own kind unless they are a mated pair. It is common for the Neon Blue Goby to spawn in an aquarium, laying its eggs in a crevice or empty shell.

In the wild, parasites picked off larger reef fish make up a portion of the Neon Blue Goby's natural diet. However, in the home aquarium, the Neon Blue Goby needs to be fed a variety of live and frozen brine shrimp, frozen mysis shrimp, table shrimp, and frozen food preparations for carnivores. If kept in a reef aquarium, the Neon Blue Goby should be fed once per day.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 2"

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