Fluid Monitoring Module (FMM) - Neptune Systems

The Fluid Monitoring Module (FMM) is a multi-purpose device that, with the help of various accessories, enables your Apex to do:

  • Flow Monitoring
  • Detects Leaks and Stray Water
  • Water Level Detection
  • Power 24VDC accessories
  • Future sensors

    Return pump

    Measuring the flow of your aquarium’s main return pump is an incredibly useful piece of information because the Apex notify you the instant the flow stops for any reason — usually the result of a failed or faulty pump. 

    Auxiliary pumps on reactors and the like

    Place a flow sensor on a device like a carbon/gfo/biopellet reactor and it serves many purposes. First off, you will know if your pump is not not flowing correctly or failed altogether. Next, you can easily fine-tune the flow into the reactor by watching the dashboard tile on your Apex. Finally, you can know when the reactor is becoming clogged with detritus or possibly channeling has occurred by an alert on your Apex or by monitoring your dashboard.

    One Port Free - Add Another Sensor

    The FMK comes with three flow sensors but the FMM has a total of four ports. This means you have one port free to use for another purpose. 

    Optical Water-Level Sensor (Optional)

    They can help you build an auto-top-off, monitor the levels in your supplement containers, even help automate saltwater mixing containers. The solid-state, optically-controlled sensors used with the FMM are much more reliable and dependable.

    These optical sensors work by using an LED emitter and receptor in a clear enclosure such that when it becomes wet, the light bends and no longer completes the circuit.

     Easy to use

    With the FMM and these optical water-level sensors, you just plug them in! No wire-stripping, no breakout box necessary!

    Leak Detection (Optional)

    The FMM can be used for leak detection. Simply plug in up to four of our new, super-sensitive leak detection probes and place them where you want.

    DC24 Accessory Port Built-in

    The FMM also has a DC24 accessory port and a power supply input. This adds another controllable outlet to your Apex set up. 

    What's Included?

    • 1x FMM Module
    • 1x Aquabus Cable