D-D - Nutri-Fix NP Bio Pellets

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D-D - Nutri-Fix NP Bio Pellets


NutriFix NP Bio Pellets

Nutri-Fix NP is a bio media and bacterial food source adapted specifically for the reduction of Nitrate and Phosphate in aquaria. This revolutionary fluidised media brings all of the benefits of liquid Carbon/Vodka dosing methods without the risk of over dosing the aquarium.

Benefits and Use

  • Reduces both nitrate and phosphate
  • No additional carbon dosing required 
  • Allows increased feeding of fish and corals
  • 100-200ml of NutriFix per 100L of water
  • Protein skimming required
  • Best used in a fluidised reactor  

How does NutriFix work?

Unlike indiscriminate and potentially risky carbon dosing methods such as vodka or vinegar which entail adding carbon sources directly to the main aquarium to promote bacterial growth, Bio Pellets provide the same carbon source for the bacteria without the potential problems.

Nutri-Fix NP is a 100% pure, fixed carbon source bio-polymer that can be used in a fluidised reactor for the promotion of rapid bacterial growth within a controlled environment away from the main display, promoting only those bacteria relevant to the task of nutrient uptake. 

The Bio-Polymer acts as a primary food source to encourage healthy bacterial colonisation which in turn assimilates or fixes nitrate and phosphate as that population grows. With these nutrients locked into the biomass of the bacterial population, the bio film or ‘bacterial mulm’ can then be exported via physical agitation of the media within a reactor to make way for further bacterial growth. 

The effluent carrying these bacterial films can then be directed towards the intake of a protein skimmer for physical removal via foam fractionation. Continuous exportation of excess nitrate and phosphate are a direct result of this reaction.

Is it possible to use too much media?

Not normally as the bacterial growth rate is limited by the availability of free nitrate and phosphate in the water regardless of the carbon source being available. Generally, bacterial growth will increase as nutrient levels rise and fall back as levels decrease creating a stable environment within the aquarium. 

It is however recommended that a 50% dose is used when starting out on an existing aquarium to limit any excessive or rapid decreases in nutrient availability which could stress some more delicate organisms.

Pack Sizes

Available pack sizes;

  • Product Code NBP25 - 250ml pack
  • Product Code NBP50 - 500ml pack
  • Product Code NBP100 - 1000ml pack

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