Ocean Revive Arctic S026B Dimmable Marine LED Light - Evergrow

Evergrow - Ocean Revive Arctic S026B Dimmable Marine LED Light

Ocean Revive Arctic S026B Dimmable Marine LED Light is ideal for both fresh and marine aquatic applications, aquatic ecosystems and marine organisms, specialized for SPS/LPS/Soft corals and reef fish.

This light only requires on power cable and is controlled by remote or via the LCD screen allowing you to set your on/off times as required. 

The Ocean Revive Arctic S026B Dimmable Marine LED Light is the most revolutionary marine lighting product since the inception of High-Pressure Sodium lamp. Consuming only 120 watts of power and producing virtually no heat, it boasts light intensity and growth rates exceeding most of the High-Pressure Sodium lamps.

The directional nature of the LEDs ensures 100% of the light is pointed downwards so no reflective material is needed. The low heat emission also eliminates the need for ducting and heat exhaust fans. Make use of the pure LED light and suitable for the coral growing, which will make the You can save 50%-90% power comparing with the High-Pressure Sodium and fluorescent lamps.


  • Special LED configurations for different coral growth. 
  • Can be used with any indoor growing method - hydroponics, aeroponics, soil
  • Two big quality fans on back run against heat
  • No need for additional cooling equipment, ballasts or reflectors
  • Integrated hanging kit - very easy to hang
  • Brackets to mount light on tank
  • Safe to operate - no risk of fire, burns or exploding bulbs
  • Produce less heat,less than 10ºC-12ºC tempareture rise
  • 80% more energy efficicient Metal Halide or HPS lamps-Drastically reduce your electric bill
  • 50,000+ hour life cycle
  • Built-in controller controls TWO channels independently (blue and full spectrum channels) for both Time and Intensity.
  • Suitable for Tanks size from 40 - 60 cm.


  • Dimmable 120watt Full Spectrum LED aquarium lights
  • Using 48pcs high power 3w LED
  • BridgeLux LEDs
  • Voltage: AC85-265V
  • 90 Degree Lenses
  • Operating frequency 50Hz/60Hz
  • LCD Display
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • Dimensions 40x26x4 cm

Color ratio:

  • C1: 16 x Royal Blue, 8 x 470nm, 8 x Blue 460nm
  • C2: 8 x White 12,000k, 10 x Daylight White 6500k, 2 x Red 660nm, 2 x Green 520nm, 6 x Violet 420nm