OCTO eSsence 130 Protein Skimmer - Reef Octopus

Dhs. 1,399.00

Reef Octopus - OCTO eSsence 130 Protein Skimmer 

The Reef Octopus OCTO eSsence 130 Protein Skimmer is loaded with innovative human-centric features.

  • 12% quieter than Skimmer of the same capacity due to its Integrated Silencer build into the Skimmer’s Neck. Couple with a Twist and Lift design enables the user to quickly detach the Neck from the Skimmer’s Body for easy and quick maintenance.
  • 16 Steps Water Outlet Adjustments to ensure that fine-tuning of water output adjustments are possible. Design with a special slanting cut grooves to ensure an even outflow which minimizes splashes.
  • 25 Angled Grooves + Apertures on the Bubble Plate for maximizing constant micro air bubbling, with a Vortex churn effect which extends reaction time.
  • 4 Quick Releases at the Base Plate of the Skimmer allow User to quickly and conveniently access the inner body of the Skimmer, no Screwdriver needed.
  • 4 Ultra Durable Silicon Rubber Base Attachments (Feet) are attached to the Base Plate, effectively reduces vibration and noise.

Features & Benefits:

  • Twist & Lift Collection Cup for Easy Maintenance
  • Quieter Operation with Integrated Detachable Silencer  Collar
  • Dome Bubble Chamber with Angled Apertures for Extended Reaction Time
  • Quick Release Tabs Offer Convenient Access to the Inner Body
  • 360° Submerged Water Output Provides a Quiet Splash-Free Discharge
  • Calibrated Click Dial Water Output Adjustment
  • Elegant Full Tapered Wine-Shaped Body
  • Remarkably Compact Footprint
  • Quiet, Reliable and Efficient AQ Pinwheel Pump

Technical Data:

1. Skimmers

Product Wet/Dry Pump Power Cup Diameter Neck Diameter Footprint Height Output Size Tank Volume
W W mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch L US Gal
50 Hz 60 Hz
S-130 Wet 10 11 140 5.5 60 2.4 210 175 8.2 6.8 520 20.5 Ф40 mm (1-1/4″) 600 158


2. Skimmer Pump

Product Model No. Wet/Dry Air Intake Power Maximum Flow Rate Connection Size (outlet)
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
S-130 AQ-1800S Both 480 127 511 135 10 11 530 140 530 140 Ф25 (3/4″)


What's Included?

OCTO eSsence 130
Article Code Items Model No. Qty
A Cover 1
B Collection Cup 1
C Neck 1
D Skimmer Body 1
E Bubble Plate 1
F Bubble Plate Chamber 1
G Adapter 1
H O Ring 22*2 1
I Air hose 1
J Venturi 1
K Fastener 4
L Screw M6*18 5
M Silicone feet 4
N Pump holder 1
O O Ring 17*2 1
P Skimmer pump AQ-1800S 1
Q Wire Sleeve 1
R Skimmer Base 1
S Plug 1
T Drain Outlet 1
U Holder 1
V Adjustable Valve 1
W Water Outlet Pipe 1