ORA - Black Storm (Amphiprion ocellaris)

The ORA Black Storm is a distinct designer strain of Amphiprion ocellaris with an unmistakable black and white panda pattern. While the face will always remain white with black eyes, the black patterning on the fish can appear in any number of gorgeous forms, producing completely unique fish.

Our current Black Storm production comes from a pairing between a Black Storm male and a Black Snowflake female.  This pair produces Black Ocellaris, Black Storms and a new fish called Snow Storms.  Snow Storms appear very similar to a Wyoming White, but they have an all-white face, like the Black Storm.  The Snow Storm phenotype represents the genetic combination of the Snowflake and Storm mutations.   We are excited to add the Black Storm to our genetic arsenal of designer clownfish and we are on our way to making some new combinations of colors and patterns with the Storm mutation.