Phosphate Test Kit - Salifert

Dhs. 82.50

Salifert - Phosphate Test Kit

The Salifert Phosphate Test Kit use to easily test the phosphate level in your tank and feature some of the easiest to read results available to each testing method.

Salifert phosphate test kit already detects, within seconds, 0.015 mg/L of phosphate and accurate results. This makes phosphate measurement highly reliable and informative allowing timely measures to be taken.

There are two different ranges within the kit: a low range for phosphate-phosphor from 0.01 - 1 mg/L and a medium-range for phosphate-phosphor from 0.02 - 2 mg/L.

Can be used for marine, fresh and garden pond water

The Salifert Phosphate Test Kit contains 60 tests.