Pixie 200 - LED Aquarium Light - Lumini Aqua System

Dhs. 2,189.00 Dhs. 1,533.00

Lumini Aqua System - Pixie 200 - LED Aquarium Light

Pixie 200 is built with high-power COB integrated LED, uniform illumination, no color spot, a good choice for a coral reef tank.


  • 100% modular design, low-cost maintenance.
  • Highly efficient and energy-saving control
  • Built with 2*90w COB LEDs and 90-degree optic lens
  • 4 adjustable channels with timer and dimmer
  • Moonlight simulation basis on a lunar cycle

Wi-Fi Control
We use the newest and most popular technology DMX and PWM controls. 4 programmable channels with dimmer and timer. Multiple lamps can be daisy-chained together and controlled by one Wi-Fi controller.

Adjustable Mount Kit
The bracket is a maximum of 50cm high. Length is between 30~42cm from the center of the tank to the edge.

Unique Design
The venting hole is beside the LED which reduces the dust. The noise level is 35dB. The design of the U-shape reflector and 75-degree optic lens achieve better illumination areas and strong penetrability.

LED Layout

  • CH1: 22pcs Deep Blue
  • CH2: 12pcs 6500k+5pcs Blue+5pcs Deep Blue
  • CH3: 5pcs UV LEDs +7pcs Royal Blue
  • CH4: 6pcs Red + 6pcs Green
  • Total: 2*COB; 136pcs chips