Poly Filter Media - Aquarium Filtration Pad

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Poly Filter - Poly Bio Media - Aquarium Filter Media Pad

Can I remove unwanted metals like Tin from my aquarium using this filter pad media?


The Poly Filter Bio Media Filter is a highly absorbent, quick-acting saltwater filter pad that efficiently removes heavy metals like Copper, Iron, Tin, Organic Waste, Medication from aquarium water. 

Also removes phosphates which contribute to unwanted microalgae.

The unique chemical filtration properties offer advantages for the beginner fish owner and the experienced aquarist.

Poly Filter Poly Bio Media removes medication quickly as to not poison the fish, yet slowly enough to not shock the fish.


  • FOR FRESH OR SALTWATER - The Poly Filter will not break down due to salt and will keep all marine environments clean and balanced.
  • COLOR CHANGING TECHNOLOGY – The filter changes color as it begins to catch pollutants, letting the user know what’s in the water and when the filter needs replaced. Changes different colors for different chemicals.
  • CLEANER WATER - The Poly Filter removes both chemical toxins and organic waste, the water stays clear without needing to change as often. Keep your tank cleaner, longer.
  • FITS IN MOST FILTERS – Easily fits into many common aquarium filter styles. It can be used with a conventional power filter, plastic under gravel filters, and canister-type power filters. 
  • UNIQUE CHEMICAL FILTRATION - Made from a patented material that filters excess pollutants while leaving trace elements necessary for the survival of your tank. Poly Filter gently removes excess medication after it takes its effect.