Polyp-Booster - Feeding Booster For Aquarium Inhabitants

Dhs. 169.00

Polyp Lab - Polyp-Booster - Feeding Booster For Aquarium Inhabitants (100ml)

The Polyp-Booster triggers a feeding response in most aquarium inhabitants including corals, inverts, crustaceans, and fish in less than 30 seconds and will improve the corals' ability to absorb any food source when the feeding response is triggered.

Polyp-Booster is easy to use and is a must-have for any low nutrient system - designed simply to improve the health and vibrance of all scleractinian corals, by providing superior nutrition. 


  • Contains 18 Amino-acids (60% of dry weight)
  • Contains 12 Fatty acids (20% of dry weight)
  • Contains as much as 120 ppm of Astaxanthan pigment, all from natural sources.


Use 1 mL per 60 gallons of aquarium water, use 30 - 60 seconds before using Reef-Roids.

Polyp-Booster is safe for any type of marine aquarium.