Medic - Reef Safe Water Conditioner - Polyp Lab

Dhs. 190.00

Polyp Lab - Medic - Reef Safe Water Conditioner 

The Polyp Lab Medic is a highly effective water conditioner used to de-pollute water in both marine and freshwater environments. It contains a reef-safe oxidizing agent and is particularly effective against: Marine Ich - Crytpocaryon irritans, Freshwater Ich - Ichthyophthirius, and Marine Velvet - Amyloodinium ocellatum.


  • Completely reef-safe
  • Buffered to maintain physiological pH
  • Does not harm invertebrates
  • Does not harm nitrifying bacteria
  • Size: 33g - (Sufficient for 2000lt of aquarium volume)


Note: Ozone and carbon must not be used during the application. Protein skimmers can be run as as normal. UV filter can be used one hour after addition.