Pouch Feeder - Two Little Fishies

Two Little Fishies - Pouch Feeder

Two Little Fishies Pouch Feeder is a magnetically-coupled feeding point for aquariums and uses to retain SeaVeggies Purple, Green, and Red Seaweed, frozen foods, soft vegetables, or any soft food items so that fish can graze.

After inserting the food, simply push the star-shaped hole at the top of the PouchFeeder screen over the head of the Feeder Mount and can attach more than one screen on the Feeder Mount to offer different types of food, or to reduce the competition between fishes.

Use the Feeder Mount with the included TLF button to retain ring-shaped food preparations. The button stem pops into the socket hole in the mount and can easily be removed.

Pouch Feeder comes as a complete set with two pouches, a magnetic mount, and coupler.