Professional Canister Filter Wet / Dry - Eheim

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Eheim - Professional Canister Filter Wet / Dry

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The Eheim Professional Wet/Dry canister filter is the first filter to offer the perfect technology of a "breathing" alternating contact with the filter medium. The bacteria colonies are rhythmically flushed and aerated. This creates ideal conditions for the considerably accelerated decomposition of almost all solved pollutants.

The Eheim Pro wet/dry filters offer efficiency surpassing that of a trickle filter. The water movement within the filter is bi-directional allowing for extended contact time between bacteria colonies, oxygen, and toxins, which are thus decomposed much more rapidly than in a traditional filter.

  • Faster decomposition of pollutants than with conventional pot filters: ammonium by 73%, nitrite by 67% faster.
  • Exchange of oxygen and CO2 is accomplished by means of displacement through the specially designed breathing tube.
  • The water output pulsates as the filter fills and empties, achieving a wavelike action.
  • Integrated interval control for reliable operation.
  • Oxygen-rich water in constant quality.
  • Only filtered water is released into circulation.

Model Number

Canister Filter 2227

Canister Filter 2229

Aquarium Size (L)



Aquarium Size (G)



How to start the Siphon on the Professional Wet/Dry Models 2227 and 2229

When first setting up your filter, NEVER fill the canister up with water.  Rinse the Ehfisubstrat and put the media baskets in, close up the canister with NO water in it.  Open the tap connector of the intake pipe (IN) and apply suction briefly at the breather pipe.  The filter will automatically fill up with water.  After it finishes filling, open the tap connector of the outlet pipe (OUT) and proceed to plug the unit into an electrical outlet.  The filter will automatically startup.

When you need to service the filter, wait until it starts draining, shut off the tap connector of the intake pipe (IN), wait until the canister empties of all it`s water and the flow in the outlet pipe stops.  Proceed to shut off the tap connector of the outlet pipe (OUT) and then unplug it from the electrical outlet.  By doing this, you preserve the siphon in the tubing, don`t have to carry around a canister full of water, and won't make the mistake of leaving water in the canister.

NOTE: If all the above steps have been followed and the filter is making noise but has not started up, close both tap connectors unplug the unit from the electrical outlet and lift the double-tap connector unit up, this will drain the water out of the breather tube.  Close and lock the double-tap connector unit back onto the canister.  Open both the intake (IN)  and outlet pipe  (OUT) tap connectors plug it back into an electrical outlet.