ProFlora AquaBasis Start Set - Aquarium Fertiliser Set - JBL

JBL - ProFlora AquaBasis Start - Aquarium Fertiliser Set

The JBL ProFlora AquaBasis Start is a fertiliser set for freshwater aquariums with long-term nutrient substrate, basic fertiliser and daily fertiliser.


  • Primary care for plants
  • Long-term nutrient substrate mixture Aqua Basis plus as nutrient depot
  • Contains essential plant nutrients such as iron and clay, absorbs nutrients and releases them again as required
  • Basic fertiliser Ferropol for vigorous plant growth, no deficiency symptoms: iron and further essential trace elements
  • Daily fertiliser Ferropol 24 – the daily food for beautiful aquarium plants

Contents: 1 bucket ProfloraStart Set. Incl. long-term nutrient substrate mixture AquaBasis plus, basic fertiliser Ferropol, daily fertiliser Ferropol 24