ProScape Cleaning Glove - Aquarium Cleaning Glove - JBL

JBL - ProScape Cleaning Glove - Aquarium Cleaning Glove

The JBL ProScape Cleaning Glove is a chemical-free cleaning glove for cleaning the inner aquarium panes, as well as algae and furnishings, and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater.


  • Effortless removal of algae growth and deposits: aquarium glove with metal threads for the cleaning of glass panes and objects
  • Easy handling: put on glove, clean by rubbing on the desired area
  • Cleans all corners and angles, removes algae from plant leaves and decoration, cleans technical items and pumps

Care instructions: Wash out with lukewarm water, wring out and let dry without direct sunlight.

Package contents: 1x aquarium glove

Note: After use in saltwater, the glove should be rinsed with tap water and dried.