Protein Skimmer LS Series (Sawtooth Blade Series) - Dymax

Dymax - Protein Skimmer LS Series (Sawtooth Blade Series)

The DYMAX Protein Skimmer LS series is a high-performance protein extractor. It’s powerful injection flow rate pumped into the reacting chamber, producing a tremendous number of tiny bubbles.

The foam collected by the skimmer is made up by protein and other organic compounds. These organic wastes must be removed before they turn into nitrate and nitrite. The fine bubbles produces by the skimmer also helps to increase oxygen dissolved and ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) level.


  • Precisely engineered to render a superior level of service
  • Sprucely crafted to offer a higher level of functionality and efficiency
  • Constructed of superior grade material that proffers immense usage
  • Features an impressive assortment that you need for your fish keeping

Model Specifications:

  • Dymax Protein Skimmer LS30
    • Height: 51.5cm
    • 12cm Tube Dimensions
    • Pump Flow: 2500L / h
    • Inlet 1 / 2inch
    • Aquarium Capacity: 800L
    • Ozone Compatible: YES
  • Dymax Protein Skimmer LS40
    • Height: 520mm/Dimension: 120mm
    • Pump Flowrate: 675gph(2500) L/h)
    • Inlet: 1/2 Barb
    • Ozone Compatible: Yes
    • Aquarium use: 1000L