Qmaven ZT6800II LED - Aquarium Light - Zetlight

Dhs. 2,999.00

Zetlight - Qmaven ZT6800II LED - Aquarium Light

Zetlight QMaven ZT6800II LED light only use the best LEDs available, ensuring your light output is efficient and color accurate. The QMaven houses the LEDs in a custom lens that helps maximize the use of the light emitted into your aquarium.

QMaven ZT6800II LED is specially made for the rectangular shape of the aquarium maximizes the use of light emitted creates excellent color blending and even distribution.


  • Quality CREE LEDs
  • Ultra SLim - As slim as 0.8cm
  • Elevated heat sink and Integrated body
  • Fanless Passive Heat Sink - efficient heat sink structure continually removes heat from the fixture
  • Matte Black surface and signature moonlight
  • Rated IP67 - more reliable, less maintenance
  • Improved Color & Light Blending
  • Includes Tank Mounting Kit
  • Fanless Passive Heatsink
  • IP-67 Water Resistance Rating
  • Waterproof
  • Independent controller
  • Build in Wifi