Red Marine Algae - Fish Food - Ocean Nutrition

Ocean Nutrition - Red Marine Algae - Fish Food (8g)

Ocean Nutrition Red Marine Algae is an all-natural, very nutritious supplement for all grazing fish, rich in vitamin C and easily digestible. An optimal food source and color enhancer for marine and freshwater herbivorous fish with softer mouth parts.

Red Marine Algae enhanced with natural garlic extract for increased acceptance by finicky eaters and improved immune functions.


  • Tear off a piece of seaweed of approximately 5cm by 7cm for the average 200l community tank, clip in the aquarium, and allow fish to graze it.
  • Any large seaweed pieces that break loose and float to the surface should be reattached.
  • Remove any uneaten seaweed after 24 hours.

Ingredients: Dried seaweed, garlic extract