RedSea - C-Skim 1800 Advanced Protein Skimmer

Dhs. 750.00

Red Sea - C-Skim 1800 Advanced Protein Skimmer (RD50203)

The Smarter choice for the serious hobbyist

A new level of performance, user friendliness and affordability in protein skimming.


  • PSK Air Injector - 800 lph (200 gph)
  • Integrated neck washing system
  • FoamView skim adjustment window
  • High efficiency skim reactor
  • Stand-alone or In-sump

Peripheral Flow, Closed Loop, Skim Chamber

Inlet: Aquarium water is injected into an air pocket above the skim chamber, and is spread evenly around the periphery of the skim chamber walls, preventing turbulent flows on non-aerated water which can de-stabilize the foam production.

Aeration: The PSK aspiration pump recirculates the water in the skimmer, injecting 800 lph (200 gph) of micro air bubbles.

Foaming: The conical top of the skimming chamber concentrates the air/water mixture, forcing it up into the neck of the collection cup where it slowly transforms into dry concentrated organics-laden foam.

Outlet: The out-flowing water is collected evenly from around the periphery of the bottom of the skim chamber where it is almost bubble free.

Control: A skim regulator valve easily adjusts the foaming for a wide range of water conditions providing optimal skimming performance.