RedSea - ATO Float Valve Max-E/S, Reefer

Dhs. 162.75 Dhs. 135.00

The RedSea ATO Float Valve Max-E/S, Reefer, is a versatile and reliable automatic top-off (ATO) float valve designed to ensure the proper water level in a wide range of RedSea aquarium systems. It is compatible with various RedSea aquarium models, including the REEFER series, MAX series, and other specific models, providing essential functionality to maintain optimal water conditions for your aquatic ecosystem.

This ATO float valve is engineered to fit seamlessly into the following RedSea aquarium systems: REEFER Peninsula 650, REEFER Peninsula 650 A, REEFER Peninsula 500, MAX E-170, MAX S-400, MAX S-500, MAX S-650, MAX E-260, REEFER NANO, REEFER 170, REEFER XL 200, REEFER 250, REEFER 250 V3, REEFER XL 300, REEFER 350, REEFER 350 V3, REEFER XL 425, REEFER 350 V3A, REEFER XL 425 V3, REEFER XL 425 V3A, REEFER 450, REEFER XL 525, REEFER XL 525 V3, REEFER XL 525 V3A, REEFER XXL 625, REEFER XXL 625 A, REEFER XXL 750-2, REEFER XXL 750, REEFER XXL 750 V3, REEFER 3XL 900, REEFER 170A, REEFER 250 V3A, REEFER-S 1000, and REEFER-S 850.

This float valve plays a crucial role in maintaining water stability within your aquarium, preventing the water level from dropping too low due to evaporation. By automatically replenishing the lost water with fresh, properly conditioned water, it ensures a stable and healthy environment for your aquatic life.

In summary, the RedSea ATO Float Valve Max-E/S, Reefer, offers aquarium enthusiasts a reliable and compatible solution for maintaining consistent water levels in a wide range of RedSea aquarium systems, contributing to the overall well-being of your marine or freshwater creatures.