RedSea - ReefRun Dual DC Pump Controller

Dhs. 599.00

Experience Total Control with the ReefRun Dual DC Pump Controller

Unlock the ultimate potential of your ReefRun pumps with the ReefRun Dual DC Pump Controller – your gateway to precise aquatic environment management. Seamlessly controlling two ReefRun pumps from a single hub, this innovative controller streamlines your aquarium's efficiency and elevates your aquatic experience.

Effortless Integration with ReefBeat App

Stay connected with your aquarium's dynamics through seamless integration with Red Sea's ReefBeat app. Effortlessly monitor and adjust your pumps' performance, modes, and settings from the palm of your hand.

Unleash Customization Possibilities

Tailor your aquarium's flow to perfection with a range of versatile modes:

  1. Constant Flow: Maintain a consistent flow rate for optimal water circulation, ensuring your aquatic ecosystem thrives around the clock.

  2. Feed Mode: Simplify feeding routines by easily adjusting or pausing pump activity, providing your tank inhabitants a stress-free mealtime.

  3. Wave Maker: Emulate natural wave patterns by scheduling varying flows throughout the day, fostering a dynamic and healthy aquatic environment, ideal for closed-loop systems.

  4. Custom Mode: Exercise your creativity by crafting your unique flow patterns, aligning with the specific needs of your aquarium.

Seamless Compatibility

The ReefRun Dual DC Pump Controller is tailor-made for harmony with Red Sea's ReefRun return and skimmer pumps. Streamlined to provide optimal performance, this controller ensures your pumps function seamlessly to create the ideal water movement in your marine haven.

Economical and Efficient

Gain significant cost savings with the ReefRun Dual DC Pump Controller. Instead of investing in an additional controller for your dual ReefRun setup, enjoy the simplicity of managing both pumps with a single unit. A smart choice for those embracing the power of two ReefRun pumps.

Package Contents

Inside the box, you'll find:

  • ReefRun Dual DC Pump Controller
  • Mounting Bracket

Elevate your aquarium management to new heights with the ReefRun Dual DC Pump Controller – where customization meets simplicity, and your aquatic world flourishes like never before.


The reefRun DC Pump is run via ReefRun Dual Controller, which is sold seperately as it operates the smart REEFER DC Skimmer at the same time!

Combine them into your ReefBeat eco-system for more efficient reef-keeping, and use the ReefBeat
Quick Actions!
Create your unique Feed scenario by switching selected pumps off or run at different intensities at different times for different durations.

Select the order and timing between switching devices back on after a maintenance shutdown, such as allowing a few minutes for your return pump to restore water levels in sump and aquarium before switching on the skimmer, wave pumps and dosers.


ReefBeat App

One App to Control Them All!

ReefBeat integrates all of Red Sea’s smart devices into one smart, synchronized eco-system that you can fully control from the palm of your hand, providing you with extra peace of mind, as just a quick glance will update you on the status of all your devices.

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