Live Rock Enhance - Aquarium Bacterial Supplement - Reef Brite

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Reef Brite - Live Rock Enhance - Aquarium Bacterial Supplement 

Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance helps speed up the curing process of new live rock by introducing beneficial bacteria that eat and dissolve detritus, slime algae, and other waste within, rocks, sand, in the aquarium and/or in live rock curing containers.

Live Rock Enhance cures new live rock faster and completely via microbial and enzymatic action.


  • Accelerates curing of new live rock, sand, and porous structures within the aquarium
  • Maintains biological filtration cycle
  • Safe for reef and fish only aquariums, with or without live rock
  • Unclogs biofilters, refugiums and dead spots in water columns
  • Formulated of microbial spores and enzymes
  • Allows desired microorganisms to colonize

Establishing a healthy biofilm via microbial action which helps discourage unwanted microorganism’s from attaching to the rock.

Help unclogs the pores of new or established live rock and substrates and aids in keeping the surfaces clean.

Ideal for Reef aquariums, Fish only aquariums, with or without live rock.

Note: Live Rock Enhance is a live culture so it is recommended to turn off UV sterilizers while dosing.  Failure to do so may significantly reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Storage: Live Rock Enhance is a live culture so we recommend it when not in use to store in a cool dry place. For best results keep refrigerated.

     Size: 2oz (57g)