ReeFlowers - Magnesium Blend 250ml

ReeFlowers Magnesium Blend is a high-density ionic magnesium solution. It is necessary for the skeletal formation of corals, oysters, and similar creatures.

ReeFlowers Magnesium Blend contains at least 100,000 ppm magnesium per liter.

Instruction For Use:

Magnesium consumption rate is different in each aquarium. Determine the magnesium concentration in the aquarium with a suitable test kit before using the product. Then, add 100 ml of the solution in a day not exceeding 20 ml until it reaches the appropriate level. 1 ml solution provides 1 ppm increase in 100 liters.

After reaching the desired levels, periodical tests are carried out to determine the amount of consumption, daily or weekly solution is added. If the daily consumption is over 5 ppm, it is recommended that the addition process be carried out with a dosing pump