ReeFlowers - PH Buffer 9.4 500ml

Reeflowers PH Buffer 9.4 works by increasing the KH and PH values of aquarium water to help stabilize levels and is to be used regularly for best results. The 500ml solution has a number of benefits and is easy to administer. 

Reeflowers PH Buffer 9.4 creates a more natural environment for fish, as well as assists in healthy growth and skeletal development.


Instructions for use: 

Use 10ml for every 100 litres of water should be added daily until the pH value of the aquarium reaches the value of your fish’s natural habitat. Once the required pH level has been reached, you should test at certain periods to check the pH value is still at the required level. You should keep the pH stable by adding pH buffer when necessary. More than twice the recommended amount for your aquarium should not be added at once. Preparation 4ml for 10 litres of water should be added for Tanganyika Lake aquariums. 2 ml for 10 litres of water should be added for Malawi and Victoria lake aquariums (1 cap equals 6ml) Recommended pH values are Tanganyika 8.5 to 9.4 Malawi/ Victoria 7.5 to 8.6 Saltwater 8.1 to 8.3 At 10ml dosage the maximum amount of litres this bottle will do is 500 litres.