BioChurn-120R Recirculating Biopellet Reactor - Reef Octopus

Dhs. 1,200.00

Reef Octopus - BioChurn-120R Recirculating Biopellet Reactor

The BioChurn-120R Recirculating Biopellet Reactor has a superior “Churn” Style” design that easily fluidizes large amounts of bio pellet media without blasting it with outrageous flow just to fluidize the media.

The unique motion these innovative reactors produce allow for much greater suspension of the media in a cyclone “churn” style motion created with patent pending churn plate.  

The BioChurn-120R equipped with Aquatrance recirculation pumps which features independent flow valves, so the user can independently control the flow of media within the reactor.

Features & Benefits:

  • Equipped with Recirculating pump
  • Churn Style Fluidization
  • Precision Control
  • Solid Acrylic Construction

Technical Data:

BioChurn Reactor:

Bio churn-120R tech

Circulation Pump:

Bio churn-120R tech pump

What's Included?

Article Code Items  Bio Churn-120R
Model No. QTY
a Pipe 1
b Elbow 1
c Pipe 1
d Adapter 1
e O Ring 1
f Top Cover 1
g Screw 1
h Plate with holes 1
i Pole 1
j Breacket 1
k O Ring 1
l Screw 4
m Water inlet 1
n O Ring 1
o Adapter 1
p O Ring 1
q Water Pump AQ-1200 1
r O Ring 1
s Adapter 1
t O Ring 1
u Adapter 1
v O Ring 2
w Valve 1